In researching for this series, I have come across a lot of really cool companies. When I learned about Three Ships, I was super impressed with their story and branding.

Meet two local women who have followed a passion and trusted themselves and each other to build an impressive, transparent, and affordable brand. They’ve made the Forbes 30 under 30 list and were RBC Business Award Finalists in 2020.

three ships face mask review
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Spa Quality Skincare that is Super Transparent

Track every ingredient in your product to its source. As they say, what gets measured gets improved. They founded the brand with the goal to remove greenwashing from skincare, and their website lets you know exactly what you’re using and from where.

Not only is their ingredient list transparent, but the women who co-founded the company also have an endearing openness with the press and on their website.

My Results

I have never had great skin unless I’m beachside and eating lots of salad. Being in the city, wearing heavy clothing, long hours working, eating convenient food, and wearing make-up mean that I’ve been struggling with skin texture and blackheads. I also get hit with cystic acne once a month.

I first started my Three Ships journey with their Purify Cleanser and their day and night cream. The cleanser was very mild, and when they launched the Refresh Cleanser, I switched to that.

Now that I’m back in the office more (and wearing more makeup) I also invested in the Nourish Cleansing Oil and some microfiber makeup-removing clothes. No hard scrubbing and my face is completely clean, including my waterproof mascara.

While it hasn’t completely gotten rid of all my acne, it has reduced a lot, and I am obsessed with their moisturizers. On cold days, I switch out my day moisturizer for Jojoba Oil for an extra layer of protection, and my skin is still glowing mid-winter.

How Big is the Environmental Impact?

There are a few ways this company is looking to do better for the world of skincare and the world in general.

First, 100% of their ingredients are vegan. They also source natural ingredients from reputable suppliers and ensure that products are very effective. When possible, they also look at upcycling commonly wasted areas of other manufacturing streams!

Second, their packaging is 100% recyclable, and even have drop-off locations, and are beautifully designed to help you get every part of your product.

Want to see their entire environmental strategy? You Can!

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Find Three Ships Beauty

Three Ships has landed itself in a few great stores that really helped propel them into the mainstream. Click on the images below to shop the products.

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