Coats are an expensive but very necessary piece of any cold climate wardrobe. Looking for some sustainable and stylish jackets to help get you through the Canadian winter? Here are a few of my top choices.

Sustainable Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets have been trending for a few years, and I don’t think we’ll see them go away soon. Cozy, boxy, and nice and log, its like butting on a blanket to leave your house. Perfect for wearing to transition from brunch to weekend chores.

Felicity Puffer Jacket

Made with recycled materials

Hooded Elongated Puffer

Made with recycled materials

Closeknit Velveteen Corduroy Puffer

Responsibly Sourced Materials

Sustainable Office Coats

Overcoats are having a moment. I’ve heard talk of fashion going into further dichotomy this coming year, with people either really getting dressed up or down, but the current love of high quality basics and 90’s inspo everywhere makes me think normcore isn’t going away.

No matter how you style these jackets, layers will be the key to a warm and comfortable Canadian Winter.

Blaza Long Wool Coat

Made with Recycled Materials

Funnel Neck Coat

Made with Recycled Materials

Houndsooth Belted Coat

Made with Recycled Materials

Wool Blend Coat

Made with Recycled Materials

Sustainable Statement Jackets

If you live for that fashion moment, a coat is a great investment piece where you can invest in high quality fabrics and dramatic colours. Make your garments last by storing them and cleaning them properly, and choose something you love over a fad.

If you get bored of it, consider re-selling the garment instead of trashing it. Some clothing items are considered better investments than art.

Long Wool-Blend Coat

Made with Recycled Materials

teddy car coat winter jacket

Dorset Car Coat

Made with Recycled Materials

sustainable winter coat with fur collar

Faux Fur Collar Double Breasted Coat

Made with Recycled Materials

How To Properly Care for your Winter Coat

While you should usually follow the care instructions on your winter coats, there are a few extra things you can do to prolong the life of your garments. Most of the care will depend on the construction of the jacket. If you want a detailed guide, this one is very good.

Avoid over-washing you jackets and leaving them to air when appropriate. If you are washing your natural fabrics, like down and wool, ensure that you dry them completely before storing them away to avoid mold or mildew.

Most good quality winter coats tend to have some weight to them, so invest in a few sturdy hangers and garment bags with cedar balls for storing in the off season.