Every year I vow to prepare for the holiday season in a more mindful way, and it still seems to creep up on me. In an effort to save money, participate less in unsustainable consumption, and be personal, I like to make Christmas gifts, so I can’t ‘start my shopping’ early. But, being a thoughtful guest and not showing up somewhere empty-handed is something you can prepare for.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Finding alternatives to gift wrap is probably the first and most sustainable practice you can implement around the holiday season. Head to the thrift shop and find a gorgeous tea towel or scarf to contain your goodies.

Or, save old bags and paper where appropriate, as any coated paper isn’t recyclable in Toronto.

Sustainable Wine as a Host/ess Gift

There are great sustainable Ontario wine options, and the LCBO has started to feature more brands recently. No matter what the country, a great bottle will always be put to good use.

Ontario Wine

French Wine

Italian Wine

Sustainable Candles

High-quality candles are expensive. and the best ones come in jars you want to keep after. Stock up on a few when they’re on sale to hand out to people, they never go bad!

Sustainable Hostess Gifts for the Expert Cook

If your going to a holiday party with a host who spends most of their time in the kitchen, this next section is for you. Small tools, spices in glass jars, and new sauces will always be welcome in a kitchen that is used for exploration.

Sustainable Hostess Gifts for the Social Butterfly

If your host is always on the go, doing something new, or driving your social group, they might need some reminders to take care of themselves as well. Treat them to something special they can enjoy after the party is over and the guests have gone home.

No matter what you choose to give for a sustainable hostess gift, your thoughtfulness will be appriciated. even keeping some cute thank you cards on hand is a good practice to get into when its in the budget. If your looking for other gift ideas, check out the rest of my guides here.