I love decorating my space. Finding beautiful objects that you get to use and look at every day feels like a treasure hunt. But, it can be a chore to find the sustainability data behind some of the larger home brands. So, I hunted down some beautiful and sustainable home goods to help you get your apartment furnished in an eco-friendly way.

Each of the images is linked to a sustainable minded brand available in Canada.

Sustainable Kitchen Decor

One great thing about kitchen wear is that you can always find a ton of it at thrift stores. Glasses, plates, and even casseroles or cast iron. But, hunting for pieces you love can take some time.

Also, when you have it in the budget, consider investing in some quality cookware. Buying something that you”ll want to use for decades, and that will last that long, is the most sustainable choice you can make.

Quality Cookware

For Entertaining

Storage & Organization

Sustainable Living Room Furniture and Decor

I love playing with colours and textures in my living space. I find I need a lot of bright colour, and big box brands rarely carry more than a few trendy colours a season. If you can teach yourself how to sew, or find someone who can make pillows and curtains, you can source interesting fabrics, and save yourself some money.

When decorating your space, buying large second hand pieces can help stretch your budget as well. You should also have more than one type of lighting. It’s an easy way to set the scene for events, and can make different sections of the room have purpose for different activities.

Statement Furniture

Detail Pieces

Light It Up

Sustainable Bathroom Decor

If you’re looking for more sustainable swaps you can make in your apartment, I have an extensive list of ideas. Also, if you hate bar soap, you can always pour boiling water over it it turn it into liquid. Just mix it to your desired consistency and put it in a cute refillable bottle. You can usually recycle the packaging and you’re not shipping water around.

For Your Shower

For You

Storage & Organization

Sustainable Bedroom Furniture and Decor

One thing every shopper should be aware of is green washing. That’s when corporations make unsubstantiated sustainability claims. Do your research on the brand an how they are measuring the difference they are making. It’s unlikely that a business will improve anything it doesn’t routinely measure.

Statement Pieces

Make it Cozy

Shelves & Decor

Sustainable Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Plants are a fun and climate positive thing you can decorate with. In fact, even with a balcony and little space, you can grow food. You’ll also need somewhere comfortable to sit outside and eat, work, or read. Finish off the space with some easy lighting and you’re basically ready to host.

If you get outdoor seating which requires pillows, make or get yourself some storage and invest in proper outdoor pillow coverings. If you’re intimidated by making something, a box is an easy place to start. Your wood, hinges, and screws will only cost you $50 – $80, and you can line the roof with something waterproof to ensure there is minimal water collection.

But tools will cost too much, you may be thinking. 1 – Everyone who lives alone should own a drill. 2 – There is a tool library in Toronto, and you can rent tools from some Home Depot stores. If you want to see some great DIY furniture inspiration, check out these Canadian Ladies.


Sustainable Patio Furniture

Outdoor Lighting

Again, for the final time, the most sustainable home decor you can find is second hand stuff. Check you local thrift store, Facebook market place, and kijiji for great deals. But, if you find something you love, its always good to invest.