Getting into cardio is a love or hate thing. You either run all the time and hardly do weights or you loathe it and work it into your other training. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, this free running app will help you improve your running.

I’ve been using the Nike running app for close to 5 years now. It offers guided runs that are a mix between podcasts and coaching. You can even build custom plans that help you reach your fitness goals!

NIke runs app comeback run cover

Comeback Run

Maybe you got COVID and stopped running for a few months. Maybe it’s just been a crazy time and you’ve not found the time to get out there.

No matter what the reason, this free and guided Nike Run will help you pace yourself and give you good tips on how to listen to your body when re-building strength and endurance.

The Grateful Runs

Feeling a little down? It doesn’t matter the reason. Exercise is shown to help you feel better, and checking something off your to-do list will improve your mood. Choose a run from the grateful series and cry your stress away while you clear you mind with some master runners to coach you on how to turn your mood around. There are timed and distance guided runs in this coaching series.

I need a win run by nike running ap

I Need a Win Run

Along the same lines as the Grateful runs, this 30 min run is a great mood booster on days you want to build your confidence. Coach Bennett really does inspire and motivate you while reminding you to make peace with the things outside of your power.

Go Long with Evan

The first time I ever ran for an hour straight I was so amazed with myself. I never thought I would be strong enough to do that. But, these coached Nike Runs have such compelling narratives, and they give you talking breaks to zone into your music and feel your body.

This 75 min guided run is great for those who are looking to move their training from casual to maybe thinking about a marathon.

Run With Joan Benoit Samuelson

If you’ve read other posts on my blog, you know I love a good feminist story. This 65 minute guided Nike Run is coached in part by the first Female Olympic Marathon Winner, who won both the Chicago and Boston Marathon in her 50’s.

Have you tried guided runs before? The Nike Running Club app also has some guided runs with headspace, and other famous runners from around the world. I find its the best way to break up music and motivation. Stay safe everyone!