Pots and Planters

If your gift shopping for a plant mom, chances are this is the easiest place to start. You can’t have too many cute planters, and they’re available in every colour and style.

Watering and other Cool Tools

Plants need to be cared for in many ways. Watering, dusting, soil amendment, nutrients, and of course, propagation tools. Don’t forget about giving plants the right environment, which could include humidifiers, fans, and grow lights. Things add up!

terracotta seed sprouters holiday gift for plant mom
small indoor watering can gift for plant mom
single plant led light, perfect gift for a plant mom

Knowledge + Organization

Like any hobby, there can be a lot of learning, troubleshooting, and parts needed. Help educate them or keep your plant parent engaged and organized with some of these cool finds.

crazy plant lady puzzle holiday gift for plant mom

To Take Their Skills to the Next Level

If you’re looking for a gift for a plant mom in your life that is well versed in their plant care, consider pushing their skills further with exotic seeds, outdoor gardening kits, or an exotic house plant.

gift guide for plant mom wild rose ecocube
hydroponic poppy kit perfect gift for plant mom
soil testing kit serious gift for plant mom
hydroponic sunflower kit
herb seed kit perfect gift for plant mom
butterfly seed kit gift for plant mom