Are you shopping for someone whose home bar has more liquors than you know what to do with? Did they pick up a few home bartending skills over pandemic lockdowns? Are they a former bartender, who still appreciates a good drink? Here are the best gifts available in Canada for your cocktail connoisseur.

brushed gold bar set perfect gift for a home bartender
icless wine chiller, ideal gift for the party hostess

Tools and Accessories

There are so many cocktail shakers out there, you really shouldn’t get your cocktail lover another one as a gift unless they’ve asked for it. If they have, Boston shakers really are the way to go.

But, there are so many more tools a home bartender could want, so consider reusable garnish sticks, jiggers, strainers, corks, or more.

matte black cocktail tools fancy gift for a bartender
gifts for a bartender, crystal wine stopper
expanding wine stoppers, perfect gift for a home bartender

Ice Shapers and Garnishes

One of my favourite cocktail chains in Toronto, Cocktail Emporium, has such a beautiful collection of bitters. It’s easy to find enticing flavours to gift to your home bartender. You can also find, or make, flavourful sugar or salt rimmers.

smokey cesar mix, perfect holiday hangover drink
rosemary and clove cocktail syrup gift for the adventurous bartender
rhubarb and elderflower cocktail syrup to gift to a home bartender
whiskey stones for the home bartender holiday gift
stacking decanter with two glasses, gift for someone who has a barcart at work

Gifting Glassware to the Home Bartender

If you’re looking for a gift for a cocktail connoisseur who has everything, allow them to play with the presentation by sourcing some interesting glassware. Decanters are always a nice gift as well. One can never have too many pretty bottles for syrups and garnishes.

gold rimmed coupe glasses, thoughtful gift for a bartender
classy crystal cut decanter, good gift for a bartender

Didn’t find quite what you were looking for? Check out my other gift guides, or try your hand at an easy homemade gift. Let me know what you’re looking forward to this holiday season in the comments below!