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I could really spend hours walking around this store, and I take every chance I can just to peruse the shelves. Some of my favourite vegetarian cookbooks I’ve come across this way include:

Love & Lemons by Jeanine Donofrio – This woman has her flat lay photography on point, and if you like to go off-script, she shows you how to create many variations of the same item.

Near & Far by Heidi Swanson – She also has the best Instagram, with an enviable garden and lots of easy-to-make vegetarian recipes.


I’d be lying if I didn’t spend more time than would personally like to on Instagram. I like to tell myself that social media is really part of my job… But it does bring us across many great accounts to find vegetarian recipes.

A Couple of Healthy Cooks – Drinks, healthy, vegetarian and vegan options, with a great collection of fast options. They also have a variety of knife skill serries, which is the most important part of becoming a fast cook!

Rebel Recipies – I love finding out about my fellow Canadians. Her recipes are featured in both English and French, and she loves healthy comfort food. Try hearty treats like her Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew, Harissa Chickpeask and Roast Cauliflower with Dill Yogurt, or her Mushroom & Walnut Tart. Your friend who ‘could never be a vegetarian’ won’t even miss meat on their plate.

Sprouted Kitchen – Beautiful, simple, and elegant dishes are interesting flavour and photography wise! Try her Grilled Eggplant with Mint sauce, Shaved Asparagus Pizza, or her Marinated Beets with Burrata and Arugula.

The First Mess – Fresh, light, healthy, and seasonal. Great for salad inspirations, and for garden planting inspiration. Try her Green Love Salad, Creamy Butternut Orzo, or her Grilled Pineapple and Tofu Cauliflower Rice and you’ll be hooked.

The Perfect Loaf – When I first became a vegetarian at the tender age of 13, My family didn’t know what to feed me and carbs became a really large part of my diet. To this day I love a good loaf of bread, and so does this man. His blog and Instagram live up to their name, and he recently became a staff member of Food52, which I already was a massive fan of.

find easy vegetarian recipes
From Food52
food52 easy vegetarian recipes
From Food52


All around, this blog is one of my favourites when it comes to everything food. Their homeware line is to die for, and the care of their in-house recipe creators is incredible. They actually have a collection of over 5,000 vegetarian recipes.

VVVanessa – Man is this woman a dedicated recipe maker! She’s been on Food52 since 2009 and has over 27 recipes approved by the Food52 Test Kitchen.

Cristina Sciarra – With 135 recipes on food52 her own blog, and 41 test-kitchen-approved, this is a great profile to scroll through when you’re trying to find vegetarian recipes for your next party.

Deensiebat – She only has 24, recipes, but half of them are test-kitchen approved! Looking for vegetarian versions of your favourite comfort food, this place has you covered.

In the mood for something in particular? Have a vegetable getting to the end of its shelf life? Don’t worry, you can filter through the recipes by ingredient and dinner will be on your plate in no time.