If you live anywhere where the temperatures regularly dip to the double negatives, you will know that not all winter boots are created equal. And winter gear can be expensive. When trying to make sustainable choices, there are a lot of factors to consider.

But with something like boots, you cannot sacrifice quality for sustainable options on the market or you may be putting yourself in danger. Here are some of the best-rated sustainable winter boots and the facts behind what makes them actually sustainable.

Aldo & Call It Spring

I just learned that these two companies were operated by the same corporation. In 2020, Good on You Rated them as ‘Not Good Enough’ due to lack of full reporting and transparency regarding their materials and manufacturing. But, they are working to have all core materials fully traceable by the end of this year.

They are externally monitored and audited by South Pole, (who is a Certified B Corp itself), reporting on their labour in the manufacturing they use, following the Higg FEM to measure their performance against.

They are also working to make sure more than just their boots are sustainably made. Their warehouses and offices in Montreal were diverting 88% of waste pre-pandemic with the goal to make their wholesale chain zero waste.

Call It Spring is animal product-free, but there are debates on how sustainable clothing made out of recycled water bottles actually is…

Price Range: $40 – $200

eco-freindly winter boots in white by Aldo
Is aldo really net zero on carbon emissions? Quilted sustainable winter boot.


Formerly Alice + Whittles, this Canadian-founded brand is headquartered in Toronto and was founded to focus on using recycled plastics, non-harmful chemicals and materials, and fairly treated and paid workers. Their eco-friendly winter boots have five-star reviews all around, and they are very transparent with their reporting and sourcing information!

Common production materials include plastic removed and recycled from oceans, old car parts, and recycled natural rubber.

Price Range: $175 – $350

Eco-friendly winter boot by Canadian brand Thesus


This iconic brand was very popular on the farms I’ve been to and lived on. They focus on using natural rubber, so many of their original products have been vegan since the company’s inception in 1856.

This season, they’ve launched boots that have been tested to -22C and have an insulated winter runner on the way for those who love their activewear in the city.

How sustainable is their production? It was rated in 2020 by Good On You as ‘Not Good Enough’ due to a lack of transparency. Currently, Hunter’s CSR pages and reporting say that they are aiming to have all their products certified through a third party on sustainable resource management.

By the end of 2022, they are also hoping to offset all carbon emissions from their stores and offices worldwide. They have also launched a recycling program through their stores to ensure their materials are being recycled and reused when possible.

Price Range: $50 – $300

REI Good & Used

The thrifting community is alive, well, and expanding. Truly the best way to divert things from landfills is to make sure it’s getting all the use it can before it’s tossed. Find high-quality and made to last gear second-hand online at this amazing shop.

Price Range: $50 – $250

Urban Kissed

This eco-friendly clothing store is based out of the UK only sources from well-rated sustainable brands. They also ensure that they offset emissions caused through delivery, so you know your purchase is making as little an impact as possible. Their eco-friendly winter boot collections are currently on sale.

Price Range: $70 – $250

Matisse Footwear

This sustainable shoemaker has been in operation since 2001 and is based out of LA. Their manufacturing partners are family-owned and operated businesses that they regularly audit. Finally, they have vegan PU-based collections and occasionally use recycled materials.

Price Range: $40 – $300

Nae Vegan Shoes

Based in Portugal, this brand is stocked by Urban Kissed and is a top-rated brand and staff pick by those behind Good On You. They also offer unisex apparel!

Manufacturing in their own country allows them to ensure the supply chain is as fair as possible all the way through.

Price Range: $80 – $220

Shopping For Eco-Friendly Winter Boots

Are there any brands here that you are surprised to see on the list? I still feel a little skeptical about the metrics behind Aldo and Call it Spring, but there will be more transparency in reporting in the years to come.

Are there any brands I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

eco-freindly winter boots available online
eco-friendly vegan winter boots by Nae Portugal