In Toronto, everything with metallics, coating, ribbons, and compostable mailers all go in the trash. Christmas already generates so much waste through packaging, transport, and unnecessary plastic. Consider wrapping your holiday gifts in some of these eco-friendly options!

Recycled Fabric

While there is a lot we can do to reduce the impact our fashion has on the environment, many people have turned to thrifting and upcycling. Use fabric scraps, silk scarfs, or repurpose some clothes you were planning to donate (the detriments of donating fast fashion) to create a beautiful and unique wrapping paper.

Cookie Tins

We have all been tricked by the sewing materials in the cookie tin. But these tins last forever, and most of them are airtight. Consider using it to gift homemade treats or smaller gifts to your loved ones. Fill it with shredded paper as fun and recyclable gift wrap.

Other Papers

While metallic gift wrap is not recyclable, there are many types of other paper that are. Choose butcher paper, homemade paper, or seed paper as fun sustainable alternatives to traditional gift wrap.

The City of Toronto website also suggests using old magazines and Newspapers if you have that sort of thing laying around.

alternative papers for Eco-friendly gift wrap


I have always had a stash of gift bags lying around. No tape means no damage on the wrapping, and these bags can be used for decades to transport all types of gifts.

Baskets are another wonderful option. Create your own gift basket, and let them use the baskets as decor or collect them back to be reused over and over again. Perfect for more than just Christmas.

Artful Cards

One of the bigger trends, I keep seeing this year is giving the gift of time together. If you’re planning dinner parties or giving gift cards, consider giving seed paper cards. Or, choose cards from a local artist that your friend can keep as art on their walls! beautiful, quick, and sustainable.

What’s your go-to for wrapping Christmas gifts Let me know in the comments below. If you’re running behind on shopping, here are some easy last-minute gifts to DIY.

Enjoy your holidays’ friends!