I’ve been a vegetarian since I was in grade 7. I spent a lot of my childhood eating cheese sandwiches and trying to bring my own food places because there weren’t really options for me in my small hometown. And I’m a bitch when I’m hungry.

I’ve learned to advocate for myself and food options and prepare so that I have enough food on hand. When I’m in a foreign country, I find I get anxious if I don’t know what food options are popular. And language barriers and cultural norms can make asking for vegetarian food sometimes seem taboo, or requests can get fully ignored. So here are the best places I’ve travelled to as a vegetarian so far.

North America

I find that every North American City has widely different cultures. I find cities with good college and art scenes have better vegetarian food, but it might just be that I’m always looking for those things.


Toronto loves its restaurants and the high diversity in the city means that there are innumerous vegetarian options in just about every restaurant. If you’re looking to travel specifically for the vegetarian food experience, we have a veggie food fest every year.


Montreal has many great music festivals, art, and nightlife. A great place for a road trip stop or as a weekend getaway. And Quebec has great food, so this city is a great place to travel vegetarian. There’s a great list of vegan restaurants here.


This city is known for its food scene, and it really leaves no one behind. Super interesting creations, lots of attention to decor and atmosphere. The perfect place for a weekend get-away to spoil yourself.

Las Vegas

This great party city is definitely vegetarian-friendly! Not only will you find veggie options in most restaurants, but there are also some very nice vegetarian-focused food experiences to have in vegas!

Central America


Because of the prevalence of Rastafarianism, there are plenty of vegetarian options available in Jamaica. Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and callaloo are all popular food options in most small restaurants here.


This country was very heavily Americanized during the building of the canal, and now it’s popular with ex-pats and digital nomads from around the world. There are lots of beans and veggies in grocery stores here, and if you’re in a rural surfing town, ask the people at your hostel where to get fresh produce.

El Salvador

There are fresh markets in every street, so it’s very easy to find lots of high-quality produce for cheap to fill yourself up here. Also, I don’t know if it was just the time of year that I was here (early June), but I went to three different food festivals on la Routes de las Flores in a week.



A heavy focus on home cooking, Italian grown produce, and long growing seasons make this country a vegetarian’s dream. So much flavour to choose from, so many ways to eat dough.


Fresh bread, lots of baked veggies, and so many cheeses that it’s hard to really go hungry as a vegetarian in Greece. My favourite snacks are usually from fruit stands on the side of the road.


The cuisine in this ancient country is very similar to its Mediterranean cousins. rich farmlands produce fantastic cheese and high-quality produce.

The Czech Republic

Prague may be tied with Mexico City for my favourite city in the world, but Prague feeds me infinitely better. There are so many cool vegetarian and vegan restaurants here, and you can find Loving Huts for a cheap and tasty vegan meal.


Most restaurants and bars have a few vegetarian-friendly options, but most of the menus will feature deep-fried cheese.


Across central Europe, there are a few chains of vegan restaurants that are relatively cheap. This is always a safe meal if you don’t want to worry about cooking for yourself or battling a language barrier.

On The Bucket List

There are a lot of places I still have yet to travel to, but for food tourism, I’m looking forward to;

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Bali
  • Romania
  • Brazil
  • Amsterdam

Anywhere else I should add?