Easy DIY holiday gifts to make yourself.

I know it’s currently only October, but for anyone who has a big family, you know it’s easiest to start your holiday prep as early as possible. Part of my holiday philosophy is that people want things that are meaningful, and it means so much more to gift a personalized item than a generic sweater you picked up Black Friday shopping.

But, how do you tackle a DIY gift that you want to impress others? Start with what you’re good at, or build your skill gradually with some early test batches – which make excellent hostess gifts on the fly.

Homemade Bread and Spreads

homemade gift box of wine, bread, and herbs

Who doesn’t like homemade bread? Fill your house with lovely scents, and make flavoured and beautiful loaves to impress your friends with your home baking skills.

As for spreads, you can go all out and make a fancy jam or keep it simple with some self-infused olive oils. If you know your friends love just toast and butter, try making them floral or herbed butter to add a little luxury and flare.

flavoured butters make great and easy homemade gifts
Herbed Butter Recipies by Leigh Anne Wilkes

DIY Holiday Cookie Box

The holiday cookie box makes sense for homemade holiday gifts, but it is not for the faint of heart. Choose 3 or 5 different types of cookies and make gifts for a bunch of people on your list at once. You’ll want to order your cookie boxes by the end of November, as they are all sold out the closer you get to December 25th.

Bath Soak or Bath Tea

self-love bath soak illustration with sage leaves, grapefruit rind, lavender epsom salts, rose petals

Bulk Barn, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea, and Rona all have large jars. Go pick up a package and divide a package of Epsom salts with some herbs and flowers to create beautiful personalized gifts for your friends and family. Add essential oils and mix well to really make something special

Recommended Combinations:

  • Comfrey, Eucalyptis, and Lemon Balm
  • Rose, Lemon, and Honey
  • Powdered Milk, Lavender, and Sage
  • Raspberry leaves, Eucaliptus, and Honey

DIY Candles

Buy some wicks, soy, and scents you love. You can top the candles with flowers hand herbs for adorable images using a hairdryer to heat the wax after its set. Try thrifting little teacups or special vases for really unique gifts. You can even include florals from your own garden for that one-of-a-kind touch.

Flavoured Finishing Salts

flavoured finishing salt as an easy homemade gift

These are so easy to make. Get a package of extra small mason jars and go nuts. red Wine Finishing Salt is a trend that’s been on the rise lately. But for some really special homemade gifts, try flavours that remind you of them.

Recommended Flavours:

  • Rosemary, Orange, and coffee
  • Lemon, Lavender, and Thyme
  • Sriracha Salt
  • Mustard Salt

DIY Drink or Batter Mix

Brownies, cookies, muffins, hot chocolate, chai, whatever, mix up your ingredients, write instructions on what to add and how much. Perfect for a lazy brunch after the holiday rush. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can make an artisanal hot chocolate box for a whole family.

DIY Hot Cocoa recipe for a very easy homemade gift, 2 ingredients
Easy Recipe by Scratch to Basics

Candied Nuts

diy homemade gift easy for Christmas - flavoured nuts

Roast walnuts in brown sugar with butter and rosemary and you have a heavenly little snack. Or, go more traditional with nuts in honey. Pop them in a jar, add a cute piece of fabric over the top and tie with a ribbon for the perfect charcuterie addition.

Stovetop Scents

Lots of citrus rinds on hand from your holiday baking? Dry them and toss them with some spices like whole cloves or a cinnamon stick, and give people an all-natural, great-smelling house. If you make a few too many jars, keep them in the pantry as an emergency host(ess) gift.

diy stovetop potpourri for an easy homemade gift tutorial

DIY Sugar Scrub

diy sugar scrub easy homemade gift with lavender and honey

If you’ve never made your own exfoliating scrub you are missing out. a super simple and indulgent way to up your bath game. Just mix sugar with oils, essential oils, rinds and herbs to create a different scent for everyone on your list.

DIY Key chain

There are so many easy DIY’s that make adorable key chains. A good gift for those in your life who have trouble keeping their keys located. Make it an extra simple homemade gift by just sticking to wooden beads and embroidery thread, or go all out with any other internet tutorial.

DIY Keychain last minute homemade easy gift