Ontario Wine by Megalomaniac bubly rose

The Main Ontario Wine Regions

Niagara –
Known For: Riesling, Chardonnay, Gamay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc
Regional Qualities: 10 micro-regions make this an interesting area. Has a large Icewine festival every year. Gentle climate and topography lead to longer growing seasons and sheltered winters.

Lake Erie –
Known For: Cab Franc, Merlot, and Cab Sauvignon
Regional Qualities: A Freezing lake to the south gives this region tough growing seasons. The oldest wine region, (but the smallest), with the first winery opening here in the 1860s.

Prince Edward County –
Known For: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Regional Qualities: The coldest climate for Ontario Wine, very diverse farming practices and food scene. Unique soil leads to wine minerality and acidity.

Entry Level Ontario Wines

Pelee Island –

One of the founding members of the Sustainable Winemakers of Ontario Program, this Ontario Winery operates 3 main labels and they’re all great.

Lola is their entry-level wine label, with a great sparkling and fresh rose. Bottles range from $13-$16.

Their self-titled label features one of my favourite wines ever. Bubbly reds are the thing the wine world needs to embrace. Bottles range from $14-$25.

Megalomaniac –

A staple at pizzerias across the city for a reason. These bottles are approachable. Very different than your parent’s Ontario table wine. Their bottles have a huge price range, from $12.95 to $50.

Being from Niagara, they have great Pinots and Gamays, but their rose bubbles is also delightful dessert or brunch wine.

Open –

A brand operated by Arterra, these wines are usually in the $10-$15 range. Only half their brand is from Ontario, as they also have BC wines. Their reds are smooth, and they release really interesting seasonal productions.

Ontario Wine Sustainably made by Pelee Island Winery
Sustainable Ontario Sparkling wine

Quality Ontario Wines

Konzelmann –

Right on the lake in Niagara, this is the winery to go to for lavish experiences. Their reds are bold and rich, and their peach wine is a summer must-try.

Bottles range from $15-$50.

Huff Estates –

Out of Prince Edward County, the canned ‘Rose all Day’ is a favourite. They offer a large selection of wine in a can though. You should also check out their interesting collaborations with other local businesses.

Bottles range from $14-$50.

Trius Winery –

Known as the First Canadian Red Wine to ever be voted best in the world, it would be a shame not to explain who this brand is. They cemented Canadian growers in the international scene.

Located in Niagara on the Lake, they know offer tons of variety. Some of my favourites include their Gamay’s and Cabernet Francs.

Bottles range from $15-$55.

Konzelmann red wine ontario classic

Best Ontario Wineries to Visit

Chateau de Charmes –

Also a Sustainable Ontario Winemaker. One of my favourite labels, this is a great wine to look for if you know nothing about wine. Easily find what you are looking for with scales that describe the flavour in a very straightforward way!

The estate itself is stunning, and definitely a venue to keep in mind for an old-world romantic feel. The winery was founded in 1978 by an immigrant with Frech wine-growing roots. They started my obsession with Gamays – though they’re hard to find at the LCBO.

Bottles range from $13-$35.

Three Dogs Winery –

A dog-friendly winery with an outdoor kitchen located in Prince Edward County. They are gluten-free and vegetarian food options. What more could you be looking for on a weekend drive?

If you like intense wine, try their double-barrel Baco Noir. Bottles range from $14-$30.

13th Street Winery –

Come for the wine and wander around to cool off after your tastings. This Ontario winery has a Sculpture Garden, is sustainably certified, and has an indoor gallery too. Plan to stay here 3 – 4 hours on your trip!

Bottles range from $15-$75.

Eco-friendly Ontario Wines

Southbrook Organic –

This could have made it onto my best wineries to visit list. Once you see all the birds in the fields and taste their seasonal foods, you’ll fall in love. They also do a great variety of bottles and aren’t afraid to experiment with exciting flavours. Not only are they organic, but they also use bio-diverse farming practices.

Bottles range from $14-$54.

Flatrock Cellars –

I was surprised to see this staple from many of the bars I worked at committed to sustainability. I think it’s interesting that some of the biggest Ontario Wine Makers are looking to make big differences in how industries impact the environment.

I’m not a huge fan of whites but I do love their Reisling with beaches and ice cream in the summer. Bottles range from $16-$27.

Tawse –

I loved Tawse long before I found out that they are Organic certified and use Biodynamic vine care techniques. I’ve served them at most bars I’ve worked at and enjoyed their pop-up last summer on Dupont. Head to any of their venues to see some great Ontario Food and hospitality.

Bottles range from $20-$46.

southbrook organic review intro to Ontario Wine