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Tools & Accessories

The most common thing you’ll find on gift guides for chefs is tools. There are so many kitchen gadgets a person could want, the problem is how much kitchen storage do they really have? Try getting them something that is necessary for their style of cooking.

Mandolins, knife sets, aprons, and mortars and pestles are all gifts perfect for an accomplished or novice home cook. If they’re the eclectic type, try something sweet and small like the lama salt and pepper shakers or ().

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Great Books

Don’t know if your favourite chef is in need of tools for the holidays? Try getting them something that will expand their knowledge and push their creativity. There are many good books on cooking that are not strictly cookbooks.

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Kitchen and Bake Ware

Every chef could use something beautiful to bake in or present on. Dishware comes in so many styles that you’ll be able to find something that will impress everyone.

If you’re looking for something that will last, consider investing in some cast iron for them. If they take care of it properly, it can last generations.

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Interesting Flavours

Home chefs love quality ingredients. Spoil yours with an interesting local flavour like infused honey, spices, homemade finishing salts, or syrups and extractions. Try your hand at homemade floral jams for a very personal gift.

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chef gift guide interesting flavours

For the ones who preffer Baking

If the person you have in mind spent their early quarantine perfecting their sourdough techniques, this may be the best section of the chef’s gift guide for you. Bread proofing bowls, dough knives, bench scrapers and flour sifters will take their kitchen chemistry to the next level.

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